Chiropractic Testimonials

"I was dragged in to see Dr Brian by a friend of mine who has been seeing him for years. I was extremely reluctant to see a chiropractor because I was afraid of having my bones cracked. I don't like back pain. I lived on anti-inflammatory medications for years because of my fear of being hurt. If the pain in my lower back got too bad I would just get a shot to reduce the pain. As I said, the only reason I was seeing Dr. Brian was that I had become sick & tired of the same old pain & discomfort. I am an active person who works out 2 hours a day 6 days a week. I just tried to handle the pain. Since starting my regular visits, I have not had to take the medications & have not had a shot the entire time I have been his patient. He is gentle with me, very understanding & what he does for me just absolutely works. I am so grateful to my friend for introducing me to Dr Brian as he has become a blessing in my life."

- Allison F.

"Dear Dr. Brian, each time I think of what you and your staff have done for me, I am more grateful than before. That's why each time I think of it, I want to thank you more."

- Vicky M.

"I had been dealing with pain in my lower back that would radiate down my left leg. Initial MRI showed a 13mm herniated disc on my L4-5 which by every doctor's opinion couldn't be handled conservatively and called for surgery. I had been scheduled for surgery but I still hoped to find an alternative. My search led me to find Dr. Brian. Upon meeting with him, he made me feel comfortable and at ease. He explained the treatment with the adjusting instrument and answered all of my questions. So I decided to give it a try. It was the best decision I've made. Within 2 days I've noticed a difference in the intensity of my pain. I was able to stand up straight and lay in bed a few treatments after that. That was something I haven't been able to do in months!! I reschedule my surgery twice to have more time for treatments. Now every doctor I've been seeing are surprised of the amount of improvements I've made so much so that my surgeon ordered a 2nd MRI to see if I even need surgery anymore."

- Sam R.

"I started getting adjusted with the PulStar intrument on November 20, 2015. This machine was truly amazing. All my back pain has reduced tremendously since using this machine even though I have two herniated disks. I am able to function almost to full capacity. I am very thankful that I was referred to Dr. Broskoskie, and I will always be in your debt. I would definitely refer anyone else to your office that has back pain."

- Pam B.

"I am a 38 year-old woman and was suffering from back and leg pain for over a year. After having an MRI done, I learned that my problem was from my disc. My condition led the pain to shoot straight to my leg. I was prescribed Motrin and the strong medication Vicodin. I went to countless acupuncture sessions and this would help the pain to disappear for a day. I was not able to stand, sit, drive, or do my daily household tasks. The worst time of pain was at late hours of the night trying to sleep. My life was depressing and I had feeling of uselessness from within. I knew I had so much ahead of me in the future. I was taken several time to ER due to severe pain. One day a fellow school teacher recommended Results Chiropractic and decided to call. I made the phone call and spoke to Dr. Broskoskie. He spent plenty of time explaining my condition and reassuring me and giving me hope. The next day I went to the office and decided to start the treatment right away. After the third treatment I felt a difference with the pain easing. I felt as if Dr. Broskoskie was working miracles. I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to the helpful and responsible staff of the office and give my love and thanks to Dr. Brian. I thank God for leading me to make the right decision. May God bless you Dr. Brian, you are amazing. With love & thanks,"

- Zoe S.

"When I entered Dr. Broskoskie's office I was in excruciating pain and I was not able to walk due to my huge disc herniation. We started the PulStar therapy right away. After the 5th session I was able to lower my pain medication and after the fifteenth session I was pain free and able to walk on my own for the first time in four months. I stopped taking any medication all together. I was told by my orthopedic doctor that I have to have the surgery. I want to thank Dr. Brian and his friendly staff for sparing me from all the suffering that I was going through because of this condition."

- Ann M.

"Dr. Brian is very approachable. He takes all the time you need to answer any questions and explains things thoroughly. I would definitely recommend him to anyone."

- Suzanne B.

"This is my first time to a chiropractor. I left feeling better and well informed and looking forward to having my problem corrected. You made me feel very comfortable, Thank you."

- Dennis L.

"Painful Sciatica shoulder pains etc. Dr. Brian was able to diagnose my problems & after several visits was able to get me back to normal. His intuitive ability to go directly to the problem was very impressive along with his use of the PulStar adjusting instrument. 2 years later I experienced some new problems but made the stupid mistake of going to someone who was closer. Dumb. He did nothing. I am back with Dr. Brian and never intend to stray again. He knows what he is doing.

- Leigh D.

"I had pain going down my leg all the way to my foot, even walking was painful. Then my foot started feeling numb and my toes started tingling. I went to see Dr Broskoskie, she said my hips were uneven and pinching my sciatic nerve. I started feeling better after some treatments. Now the pain on my leg is gone and I am even able to run!"

- Susana

"I have tried chiropractors my whole life throughout lower Delmarva.. This doctor knew right away what my problem was and explained it to me so I understood my problem better. I felt I was in caring capable hands throughout my experience with the doctor."

- Jack

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